chimalaya charity

Chimalaya Charity is a Danish / Nepalese NGO, founded in 2010 by psycho-therapist Pia Torp. Its aim is to support mothers and give newborns the right start in life by fighting malnutrition.

In 2013, Pia Torp and Chimalaya Charity went into partnership with two Nepalese doctors and researchers, Ram Krishna Chandyo and his wife Manjeswori Ulak. Both are educated in western Europe, but have returned to their native country to improve the health of the local people. With the help of the local community, they set up a mother group clinic in in Bode / Thimi just outside the capital Kathmandu. The clinic, which is at the heart of our work, covers an area of approx. 25,000 inhabitants. The area consists of smaller towns with many carpet and brick factories where the women carry out hard physical labour. To many locals, the clinic and its staff provide a safe and familiar environment, which makes it easy to reach out to the most vulnerable people.

“Improving Maternal and Child Health” is Chimalaya Charity´s overall objective. Its aim is to reduce malnutrition and promote child health and development through empowering and training mothers and their families. We want to ensure that the mothers are healthy before and after giving birth, that more newborns survive, and that the negative growth curve in children under five years is reversed.

In 2016, Chimalaya Charity became a NGO in Nepal and fully focuses on fighting malnutrition.